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Ballast Water Spread Model: Model Manual

OHSU-TB-1504: Ballast Water Spread Model: Model Manual

Published: Jan 1, 2015
Last Modified: Jun 12, 2015
Length: 158 pages
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This model manual is for the Ballast Water Spread Model created by Jennifer L. Sieracki, with the assistance of Stephanie A. Nummer and in partnership with Ohio Sea Grant. The ArcGIS model predicts the secondary spread of invasive species in the Great Lakes through ballast water. It is a dynamic spatial model that incorporates the number of discharge occurrences, localized spread of the organism, and its ability to survive in the ballast tank. The model also allows for the input of species-specific habitat boundaries to limit predictions to only those locations where a species may survive. For more information or questions regarding the model and data, contact Jonathan Bossenbroek at