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Twine Line: November/December 2003

OHSU-TL-97: Twine Line: November/December 2003

Published: Oct 31, 2003
Last Modified: Jul 30, 2015
Volume: 25 Issue: 6
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  1. 2003 Ohio Lake Erie Awards Announced
  2. Commission News
  3. Fund Focus: 2003 Lake Erie Protection fund Grants Awarded
  4. Steelhead Trout: A Money Fish for Ohio
  5. Research Finds Reopening Coastal Wetlands to Lake Erie Largely Increases Diversity
  6. Friends of Stone Lab
  7. FYI
  8. Is Lake Erie Safe for Ice Fishing?

Adam Diagneault - Author, Brent Laboiteaux Sohngen - Author, David O. Kelch - Author, Frank Robert Lichtkoppler - Author, Jill Jentes Banicki - Author, Mr. John R. Hageman, Jr. - Author, Mr. Michael Robert Heniken - Author