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Collaborative Projects

Joint projects with state and federal partners address critical Great Lakes issues

Ohio Sea Grant and its partners focus on critical issues facing Lake Erie, from harmful algal blooms and invasive species to climate change and economic development. Collaborations with agencies, academia and non-profits ensure that projects are relevant and applicable to local and regional concerns, and active outreach and education teams provide important findings and other information to Great Lakes residents.

Harmful Algal Bloom Research Initiative
Funded by the Ohio Department of Higher Education
Field to Faucet
Initiated by Ohio State’s College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Shipwrecks & Maritime Tales
Discover the rich maritime history hidden below Lake Erie’s surface
Maumee Bay Initiative
Examines the connections between land use, public policy and water quality
Western Lake Erie Basin Conservation Effects Assessment Project
CEAP projects assess how effective conservation practices are at reducing the impacts of agriculture on surrounding ecosystems
Great Lakes Literacy Principles
Great Lakes literacy is an understanding of the Great Lakes’ influences on people and their influence on the Great Lakes
Changing Climate
The OSU Climate Change Outreach Team helps localize the climate change issue for Ohioans and Great Lakes residents
Great Lakes Climate
Climate resources for the Great Lakes region
Great Lakes Regional Research Information Network
GLRRIN is a voluntary network of governmental, academic and private programs involved in Great Lakes research
Articifial Reefs
More information coming soon