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Research Facilities

Stone Laboratory’s setting at the boundary of the Western and Central Basins provides an ideal location for research throughout the year

If you’re doing research on Lake Erie or its flora and fauna, Stone Laboratory’s setting in the Western Basin provides an ideal location for work throughout the year. Go out on the lake, hop nearby islands, or break it down in the lab — our equipment and facilities are available for your use.

Wet Laboratory

Renovated in fall of 2011, the wet lab provides a large area ( 1920 ft 2 ) to conduct experiments. The wet lab includes aquariums of all sizes up to 250-gallon flow-through lake-water systems. Overhead compressed air and lake water combined with an open floor plan provide flexibility for aquatic experiments. Herpetologists and ichthyologists commonly utilize space in our wet lab.

Research Vessels

Three research vessels are available for rent at $150 an hour, including captains. Grants are often available to offset this cost.

R/V Gibraltar III

R/V Gibraltar III

A 42’ aluminum trawler, research vessel for open lake sampling and trawling.

M/V BioLab

M/V BioLab

A 37’ trap-net style vessel for open lake sampling and trawling.

R/V Erie Monitor Almar

R/V Erie Monitor Almar

A 25’ aluminum vessel with enclosed cabin. Ideal for long distance sampling, SCUBA, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), and miscellaneous sampling of Western Basin.

Buckeye I Boston Whaler

R/V Buckeye I Boston Whaler

Fast boat for transport between islands and light sampling work

Field Equipment List

The Stone Lab classroom building and the former state fish hatchery on South Bass Island include a variety of equipment, including:

  • Two Remotely Operated Vehicles
  • Dive equipment
  • Flow-through aquaria with lake water
  • Chemistry glassware
  • Micropippetors
  • Flow CAM
  • FluoroProbe
  • Fluorometer, 96-well plate reader, spectophotometer
  • Freezer space of -20C and -80C
  • 2 light and temp controlled incubation chambers
  • Two underwater cameras
  • Wire tagger
  • Telemetry gear
  • YSI EXO-2 Water-quality sondes
  • A variety of nets and benthic sampling equipment
  • Researchers are encouraged to bring any other specialized equipment they might need.

Dining Hall Porch

Dining Hall Porch

Researchers and instructors can enjoy the sunset view from this open porch.

Perry's Monument at Night

Perry’s Monument

Downtown Put-In-Bay’s amenitites, including one of the tallest national monuments, are easily accessible from Stone Lab.

Perry's Lookout

Perry’s Look Out

The spot used by Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry in the fight against the British during the War of 1812.

Visiting researchers can request overnight housing in our South Bass Island cottages. Our cottages have full kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. Meals are available on Gibraltar in our dining hall, but downtown Put-in-Bay is just a 10-minute walk from the lab. High speed wireless internet services all Stone Lab’s buildings and grounds.

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Student Assistants

During the summer months, students taking Stone Lab courses may be available to work as lab assistants.

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Funding Opportunities

Limited housing is available on Gibraltar Island and at the fish hatchery. Meals are available for a fee in the dining hall during summer months.


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