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Harmful Algal Blooms Experts

Get to know our experts and feel free to contact us if you have more questions about harmful algal blooms (HABs)

Get to know our experts

Experts from Ohio Sea Grant, OSU Extension and other universities across Ohio are working together to solve the harmful algal bloom problem as part of a number of research projects. In addition, many are available to answer questions from the public or speak at events.

 Christopher John Winslow

Director Ohio Sea Grant College Program

 Jeffrey Michael Reutter

Special Advisor Ohio Sea Grant College Program

 Jay Franklin Martin

Professor OSU Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

 Greg  LaBarge

Field Specialist, Agronomic Systems OSU Extension

Ohio HABs Experts

Below is a more comprehensive list of experts in Ohio.

Hon. Randy Gardner State Senator
Dr. Laura Johnson Research Scientist National Center for Water Quality Research, Heidelberg University
Nutrient Loading Forecasting
Dr. Rick Stumpf Oceanographer National Center for Coastal Ocean Science, NOAA
HABs Modeling Forecasting
Tinka Hyde Water Division Director US Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 and US Co-Chair of Annex 4 of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement
Gail Hesse Executive Director Ohio Lake Erie Commission and Chair of the Ohio Phosphorus Task Force
Dr. Jay Martin Professor and Faculty Lead for the Field to Faucet Initiative The Ohio State University
Dr. Tom Bridgeman Professor University of Toledo
Algae Nutrient Toxin
Dr. Justin Chaffin Research Coordinator Ohio Sea Grant & Stone Laboratory (algae, nutrient and toxin expert)
Dr. Joe DePinto Senior Scientist LimnoTech and Co-Chair of the Modeling Sub-Team for Annex 4 of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement
Dr. Tim Davis Research Scientist NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory