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Stone Lab Science Tours can be booked in advance for groups of up to 10 people

Stone Lab Science Tours are private group tours for up to 10 people that must be booked at least one week in advance. Please complete the reservation form to request your tour.

Face masks must be worn properly (over nose, mouth and chin) on Ohio State’s campuses, including in outdoor settings, even when individuals can maintain 6 feet or more of physical distancing.

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AVC Adventures
$30 per person, kids 3 and under free (1 child per adult)

In this 3-4 hour program, visitors will learn about the Lake Erie ecosystem and human impacts through educational exhibits, live Lake Erie fish in a hatchery, microscopes with large displays, marine debris displays, and an aquatic invasive species video inside the Aquatic Visitors Center. Outside on the AVC pier, visitors learn how to assess water quality and sample fish and other aquatic life from Lake Erie.

Lake Erie Science Cruise
$50 per person

Guests will take a 2-hour cruise on a Stone Lab research vessel to learn about limnology, how to sample and identify fish and other aquatic organisms from Lake Erie and how to measure Lake Erie water quality. For fish caught during a fish trawl, tour guides will teach the group how to identify various fish and introduce their habitat and management in Lake Erie.

Lake Erie Island Cruise
$25 per person

Participants will learn about the geology and history of the Lake Erie islands from a Stone Lab vessel and participate in a fish trawl where visitors can learn to identify common Lake Erie fish species during this 1-hour program.

HABs Tours
$60 per person

During this 4-hour program, learn about harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie, how water is tested for algal toxins at Stone Lab, and how people can help to minimize the threat of HABs. Groups get a hands-on look at the water quality testing process at the Research Lab on South Bass Island, as well as a short cruise on Lake Erie in a Stone Lab research vessels to learn about how water is sampled.

Day of Discovery Tour
$60 per person

These half-day trips to a nearby island include four hours of exploration on a specific topic, such as local birds, edible/medicinal plants, reptiles and amphibians, insects, geology or fossil hunts. Tours will begin at Stone Lab’s South Bass Island boat docks, and guests will be taken by boat to a nearby island to meet with an expert local tour guide.

These tours are limited to specific days and topics – we will announce opportunities as they become available.